Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New name for the blog

As you might have noticed, Curious kinks has now changed it's name to... Which means the previous URL is now non-existent and will automatically be redirected to this website. So, please make sure to update the new address on your computer, phone, address book and other devices you may use.
A group of elementary school students I often take the bus with after school  at  around 5pm
In other news, you can expect my other blog to be launched by the end of this week. I was contemplating whether to go with Wordpress or just keep everything in Blogspot. But I think Blogspot takes the cake for now.

Also, my fact or myth series will be resumed shortly, though I might have to hold off on some controversial topics until after the Weeklong National Congress which is currently taking place in Beijing.

Blog you later!
再见 (Zai Jian)

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