Friday, September 28, 2012

#1 Fortune Cookies in China? MYTH

This is a myth! Great answer Jen. Fortune cookies were invented in California in the early 1900s. It then made it's way all across the Nation and then to Canada. However, it never reached China.

May be they had a ship wreck or a plane crash during it's transport across/over seas. Perhaps a group of Somalian Pirates captured the ship and killed all the crew members? Whatever the reason may be as to why these awesome cookies never made its to China is unknown. I mean if Oreo cookies, chips ahoy,snicker bars and other American goodies could make their ways onto Chinese grocery shelves, then I can't see why fortune cookies never made their way into restaurants in China.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fact or Myth about China, You Decide!

Before I set my feet in China two years ago, I tried to do a lot of research on just about anything I could possibly find useful upon my arrival in the foreign land. Unfortunately, I came up with nothing, perhaps I didn't do a thorough research. And so, I decided to just go with an open mind and well, with the background knowledge I already had about the country. But I made sure I left some room to take in the experience the country had in store for me.

So, what were the knowledge I had about the country before going and what did I come across during my research? I have listed below most of my findings from what I can remember. While most of them turned out to be a myth, but many of these findings turned out to be facts.

1. Fortune Cookies are commonly eaten after a meal in China

2. They still practice foot binding

3. They live in Traditional Chinese Hutongs, you know, the ones you see in movies?

4. Because China has a 5,000 year civilization history, it's people must be well civilized and well-mannered

5. They eat with chopsticks

6. Everyone is so skinny and fair skin

7. There is no religious freedom, Christians are still being persecuted

8. Main religion is Buddihism

9. The only food they eat is rice

10. Everyone rides a bicycle

11. The national language and only language is Chinese

12. Chinese are very smart and innovative individual

13. Since China is thought to be "The Factory of the World", brand name and electronics must be realy cheap over there

14. They eat dogs

15. They are so short and petite

16. Everyone fights kung fu

17. It must be crowded in China since it's the world's most populous country

18. There is a disporportionate ratio of Boys and Girls

19. Every family has only one child

20. Since there are so many ESL teachers in China, they must be able to speak basic English.

21. They are racist and close minded

22. Chinese are cheap, they like to save money and overcharge customers

Now which ones do you think are actually true or just a myth? You can simply identify the facts and post them in the comment box. Later, I'll differentiate between the facts and myth and talk about them in a later blog post or may be a series of them since it's quite a long list. Also, i'd like to hear some of your facts vs. myths if you've ever lived in a foreign land.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

So I was recently nominated for this awesome award by two of my favourite bloggers and readers Coilybella and Deepbrown & Kinks.

So what are the rules for this award? 
1. Create a versatile blogger award blogpost and thank the blogger who nominated you by posting a link back to their blog
2. Nominate 15 other bloggers you follow
3. Inform the nominees by posting a comment on their blog
4. Share 7 random facts about yourself
5. Post these rules on your blog

What are these 7 random facts about me?
1. I love to cook and bake, though i'm not the best baker
2. I don't own a cellphone, camera, computer or a car... well, at the moment
3. My favourite biblical scripture is Philippians 4:13
4. I enjoy reading and commenting on other people's blogpost than I enjoy creating one myself
5. I'm obsessed with checking my email!
6. I enjoy going to church even if it's more than once a week
7. I like reading non fiction, especially motivational and inspirational books

Now, it's your turn fellow bloggers
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Now lovelies, remember the rules :) and as always, thanks for reading