Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fact #1: They eat with chopsticks in China

They sure do! Including kids, and they drink soups with spoons. The only time they will eat with forks and knives would be when they dine at western restaurants such as Pizza Hut, which by the way is a fancy, family restaurant in Beijing.

Will they ever merge with the rest of the world and use "regular" cutlery?
NOPE! Because this means they would have to change how they prepare their meal, the type of food and rice they eat as well as the small dishes they eat with. This also means that they will need to change their communal eating style where everyone eats from the same dish. In case you're wondering, chopsticks are lighter and easier to use than metal forks and knives.
although they can be annoying when eating noodles, I sometimes carry around a plastic fork and knife set for days when I don't feel like splashing soups all over my face trying to get my noodles to stay on my chopsticks.
*Green Noodles* don't know what it was particularly made out of to give its green color, but it was delish ;)

What if I can't eat with chopsticks? Can I ask for a fork and knife?
Well, I've never had to request for one neither have I seen any of my expat friends request for them, since most of us already knew how to use chopsticks before coming to China. However I've heard certain restaurants which are frequented by foreigners carry western cutlery so you can request for one if you're just not feeling cultural at the moment.

But I will advice you to practice your chopsticks skills because chances are most restaurants WON'T carry  the type of utensils you're used to eating with, unless you don't mind carrying a back up fork and knife set with you like I sometimes. Not only this, you will also impress locals with your attempt.
A  huge bowl of rice noodles (noodles made out of rice). It took me a few tries to master how to use Chinese spoons

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