Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Myth: Chinese in China are all skinny and with skin

After several months of Hiatus, I have finally decided to get off my lazy butt and revive this series.

For those who are just joining, Fact vs. Myth China is a blog series that I started a few months ago to discuss some of the stereotypes, assumptions and misconceptions about the world's most populous and mysterious country.

So a big misconception in western countries is that Asians, particularly those residing in their home countries are all petite and fair skinned, with tiny eyes and tiny feet. Well, this is completely not true!
I mean it might have been true prior to three decades ago before China opened it's gates to the outside world for International Trade. See, before this change occurred  China was just like any other socialist country, where every thing was controlled by the government, from your place of work to your diet! So them being small back then was not genetics but a result of the social, political and economic circumstances they had to live in.
Now, fast forward to the 21st century where people are now free to go wherever, eat whatever and have the freedom to be in control of their own lives. This means many can now enjoy different variety and quantity of food if they wish. Infact, the younger generation are now eating too much food (mostly junk food) that childhood obesity is now a big issue in the country.
Generally, most Chinese are still smaller in comparison to other races, but they are definitely not as small and tiny as outsiders might perceive them to be.

But do they all have tiny eyes and small feet? No! they don't, this is because China is a big country with multiple ethnicity. So, people from the North tend to be taller and bigger than the rest of the country. While those from the south tend to be darker and with rounded eyes.  
I also saw (tall) women with an average (size 8-9) sized feet while I was there.  

I myself was shocked by the variety of shapes, sizes, skin complexion and dialects that are present in the country. Because I had thought everyone would look the same, which wasn't true at all!