Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Three groups of people and the one animal you're likely to see in Beijing

 These 4 groups are ubiquitous all over the city. Whether at the public parks, public square, public transportation of the streets, it's almost impossible to not come across these cohorts at least once a day.

So, who are you likely to come across during your day to day business?

1. Babies (includes toddlers and young children)

They are cute and plentiful. They might smile or cry when they see a foreigner. And need I mention they don't wear diapers? 

Cheering for a team. Head band reads "Let's Go China"

 2. Pregnant Women

Even those in the early stage of their pregnancy can be easily recognize by the pregnant uniform they wear, which is an apron and a pair of crocs. It's a bit more difficult to spot them in the winter season, unless she happens to be at a later stage of her pregnancy. You can easily spot them indoors due to their pregnancy attire.

 3. Seniors

Chinese seniors are active and therefore healthy. They like to go for walks, go for morning and evening exercises at public parks and public squares, take their dogs for walks or just engage in a conversation with their neighbours. In other words, they like to spend time outdoors. Seniors can be found performing Taichi early in the morning, participating in ball room dancing at a public square or using one of the exercise equipment at a neighborhood park.
Picture of Chinese seniors performing their public daily workout or fitness exercise on the city square of Xi'ang, Shaanxi province, China, on 2006/07/09.

4. Small dogs
Due to regulations, residents of Beijing are only allowed small dogs, although I've seen a few big dogs.  I'm not sure if there's a limit on the number of dogs they can own, but it's not  unusual for your neighbor to have about 3-4 tiny dogs, such as the case with one of my (senior) neighbours. I'll also suggest you exercise caution around these dogs, as many dog owners tend to walk with the dog leash in their hand or pocket while the dog just runs around free. Though I've never been attacked or saw anyone attacked by a dog, so I'll say the dogs are generally harmless.

So, there you have it, my list of Beijing's major residents

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