Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lookbook: Natural Hair in Beijing

 Forbidden City, Summer 2011

Wow! What a long overdue post. I just realized I drafted this post last October, talk about procrastination.
Anyway, back in December, I said I will be posting some pictures of some of the styles I wore my hair in while in Beijing. Since I haven't opened a photo sharing site yet, I decided to give you a sneak peak on some of the styles.

So, here they are and Enjoy

Shrunken Fro

A blow out to make the hair "easier" for my stylist to work with later that day

I got this hairstyle from YT. I did the "Banding Method" to keep my hair stretched over night

"Twist Out" at Old Summer Palace

Fro Hawk. I don't get great twist outs regardless of how long I kept the twist in my hair for. My hair tends to frizz out and revert to its original texture when I untwist the hair. But I'm working on this :)

A kinky twist I did in march 2011 in Canada  I kept it in for 2 months. Took it out few days after this photo was taken during a 24hr train ride from Hong Kong to Beijing. Don't ask me how I did this in public.

Flat Twist with an Afro Puff. Afro Puffs use to be my go to hair style when my hair was shorter but I don't do it anymore.Go here to read about my staple hair style now

I enjoyed these up-dos, however, they take a while to install and I lose a lot more hair with these styles because I have to use a tool to part my hair, which results in a lot of breakage. So I went back to my lazy twists, plus I got tired of locals always asking me how I achieved the hair style, lol!

 I believe this was on my Birthday :)

Decided to put my cheapie conair hair straighter to use. I skipped the stretching/blow out step and just dived into straightening the hair. Nevertheless, it still took me three hours to straighten.
First time I could put my hair into a pony tail, though it took me two years.It's better than when my hair was relaxed, I could never put the hair in a pony tail even after 7years! Also I was proud with the slick and smooth look. Slick hairstyles are one of the styles I can't achieve because my hair is too thick at the roots.

So, there you go. Which style is your favourite? I gotta admit,  I am not as adventurous with my hair as I use to, mainly because my hair has grown long enough to be put in a bun and I am currently working on techniques to reduce hair breakage and combat dry hair, which unfortunately restricts me from being too adventurous with my hair.

For those who lived or are living abroad, would you say you played with your hair as you would in your home country or did you let your hair take a back seat?


Anonymous said...

I love the updo look...I am so jealous of your hair right now.

~Adeola~ said...

lol, thanks!

Kizzy Rennie said...

I've lived in China for the past 3 years and been natural for that same time. It's such a shame that I am just discovering this blog but I can relate to every experience in this post, esp. the train one. Those passengers were scared and intrigued at the same time

~Adeola~ said...

hi Kizzy. I actually moved from China back to Canada. But I still plan to keep up with the blog. My hair was usually the topic of discussion amongst the locals. Thanks for stopping by