Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Alright, Break Over

Time to get back to my own blog, instead of being distracted by other people's blogs each time I log into my account. Sometimes I spend hours on end reading blogs that I end up not having enough energy to devote to my own! Not that I don't like reading what others have to say and all, but I need to find a balance.

Haha, I LOVE these kids. My Friday cooking class with 2.5y/o
So it's been about a month since I returned from the far far east and I haven't been up to much lately. It took me about 2weeks to recover from  jet lag, a VERY LONG time since it usually takes me about a week to recover. And what's more weird is that I never feel jet-lagged when I go from west to east, i.e. from Canada to Beijing. May be it's because I always have stuff to do when I get there or because of change in environment.

What have I really been up to?
Well, mostly job search. I recently completed a Business Analysis course which gives me some foundation in the field. And because this is a completely NEW field for me, I am just slowly applying to jobs while I get my feet grounded in this field and prepare for interviews. Like many people out there, Job search stresses me out, I mean the search for a full time job is a full time job on its own. With long hours spent online filling out job applications, writing resumes, tailoring each cover letter to every job you apply for, reading LONG job descriptions and then applying for suitable jobs! Oh My! What about those overwhelming Dos and Don'ts for a job seeker? Jeez, I think I might need more time to psychologically prepare myself for the stress that comes with securing an awesome job. Oh, and do you know you need a Criminal records check for almost every job these days, including cleaning jobs? Thank God i'm an angel ^-^
@ Jay Leno.

I've also being watching the Olympics, Go U.S! I almost thought China would win the most medals. I hope team Canada will make me more proud at the next summer Olympics, no need to worry about winter Olympics, since we got that one ;)
Congrats Phelphs, Bolts and of course, my sister from another mother, Gabby Douglas! You make me proud, regardless of what hatters are saying about your hair

So what will I be talking about now that i'm no longer in China?
Anything my kinks are curious about; be it on health and fitness, hair, travel, professional and personal development, finance and may be cooking! yay!
Also, from time to time, I will  be blogging about Teaching in China, for those interested in embarking on the exciting journey.

I hope to have secured A job, PT or FT by my next blog post.

Thanks for reading :)


JenJen said...

I got your post card from China last week. Thanks for sending it. I collect post cards from around the world. Glad your back.

~Adeola~ said...

wow, I can't believe it took that long, but i'm glad it reached you though. Thanks for following

Natural Nigerian said...

All the best in getting a job!

Coilybella said...

I pray that God grant you the desires of your heart.
I nominated you for the versatile blog award

Natmane said...

I have nominated you for versatile blog award. Please visit my blog for more details.
Happy you got home safely. I wish you all the best in your job search.

~Adeola~ said...

thank you!

~Adeola~ said...

Amen! I am patiently waiting on him. thanks for the nomination

~Adeola~ said...

Thanks for the best wishes and the nomination :)