Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On to the next chapter

As I  prepare for my exit from the factory of the world, the orient, China, or whatever name you want to call it. I will be launching a new series on culture shock. These blog series will also talk about some of the things I will definitely not miss about living in the country. And because I like being fair and not bias, I will also be posting on some of the things I will definitely miss about China. I purposely mentioned "some" because there are just too many things that I will miss about this country that I might be unaware of.

So, hope you enjoy the series.


JenJen said...

My mom's God son spent a month in China and he came back nine pounds lighter and a completely didn't point of view on the world.

~Adeola~ said...

wow! only 9lbs and he changed that much? Yes, it's very common for men to lose weight when they come to the country and for women to gain! something to blog about in the near future :)

Ursula said...

Oh really?? I gotta go!! Lol :p great blog! Can't wait to see more posts :)