Friday, May 25, 2012

The Chinese evolutionary explanation as to why we are Black

Few nights ago, as I was sitting at the bus stop, waiting for the bus; a curious Chinese man who noticed me sitting by myself came to take a seat next to me. He, like every other Chinese asked me the usual questions about my background, including my marital status and age. After "testing" my language skills, he then proceeded to a general discussion about life in China and if I like China and Chinese people? Like Duh, what else am I suppose to say? Then he said he especially likes the variety of seasons in china where its cold in the winter, wet in the spring, hot in the summer and breezy in the fall. I nodded in agreement. He then continued by saying "Unlike AFRICA where the only season is summer, and so this is why Africans are black, because they are exposed to too much sun! Simply Hilarious! I just laughed, and again, agreed with him!

I mean, what else am I suppose to say? If so called evolutionary scientists can claim that  human being evolved from Apes, then I guess a less educated Chinese man's explanation as to how black people are black is not so far fetched.

Now, since most Chinese share same/similar views and are exposed to the same quantity and quality of information about the outside world, I can only assume that every other Adult Chinese would have the same "evolutionary" explanation as to why I am black. Kids are exempted of course, a lot of them just think I didn't wash up after playing in the dirt!

Sunny Africa

Apparently, based on a quick google search, this curious Chinese man is not the only one with the opinion! I wonder how they explain the skin color of North Africans or the hair texture of BLACK people.

Because there are too many lions and giraffes in Africa? haha!


JenJen said...

I find it amusing that people need to explain why skin shades are different colors. Really who cares.

'Lara said...

At least he knows that there is a place called Africa...I actually find this amusing and I gave up on the ignorance of Asians a long time again.