Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why I Hate Shopping in China

Some blog posts ago, I blogged about how I get some hard to find or heavy items in the easiest and most convenient way possible. I also mentioned I will be posting on why I hate shopping in the PRC (People's Republic of China). So here it goes.

1. Things are EXPENSIVE. Yes, capitalized and bolded. The assumption abroad is that "everything is cheap" in China because everything is "Made in China". But the reality is, if it's made in China by a Foreign company, it is automatically considered "luxury" goods, which is then heavily taxed. Although, you can get locally made knock out version of these items for a fraction of the real item's price but do not expect the item to last long.
$627CAD iPhone

2. Everything is in Chinese. You will be lucky to find a China-made product with English on it. I can't even remember how many times I've picked up the wrong products thinking they were something else. Now, I try to seek out the few products with some English on it or simply order the specific item online with the help of a translator.
There is a Chinese brand Oreo as well, so you have to look really closely to make sure you pick up the right one
3. Food Safety is very low. Due to the demand to meet the needs of such large population, coupled with corruption, this means many products often go unchecked. Some food companies have been caught selling expired products, tainted baby foods, glow in the dark porks, exploding watermelons, as well as foods mixed with inks, hormones, dyes, wax, bleaches and other crap! So because of this, I often opt for the more expensive imported food items when I can. I buy imported Milk exclusively and I wish I could buy imported Chicken too because I have been noticing a taste difference in the Chicken I've been buying as of late. 
Explosive melons anyone?
How about expired milk?
4. It can be hard to find stuff. I have been shopping online more often lately, to save myself the headache of trying to find items such as women's hair removal cream in stores. And when you do find these hard to find items in stores, you might not be given a choice. 


Natural Nigerian said...

I remember being in Germany and having to shop in a place where the goods were exclusively in German and the assistants spoke very litte if any English...frustrating.

The first point is very surprising but I guess it makes sense. Also the one about food. My brothers refuse to eat food imported from China e.g canned goods.

~Adeola~ said...

I was shocked at the price of foreign goods here when I first arrived. Although the price difference isn't that much.
Generally, anything that leaves the country is healthier and safer than the ones sold in the country. Otherwise it will give the country a bad reputation, which the country cares about so much! So I think your brother should be fine :)