Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trip to the Pearl Market

Spring is here! Meaning summer is just around the corner. To prepare for this colorful season, I headed to the Pearl Market,  to pick up some silk scarfs. I know what you thinking, "You went to the PEARL market to get SILK scarves? Why not just go to the SILK market to buy your silk scarves?" Well, the truth is, both markets sells the same stuff. Infact, only the top floor of these markets sells what they are famously known for. For instance, only the top floor of the pearl market actually sells pearls, same thing with the silk market. 
On my way to work, also happened to my last day

Personally, I prefer the Pearl market because it's less crowded and stuff are cheaper. Plus, I have vendors that I go to regularly, so they know i'm not a tourist and there's no point wasting time trying to rip me off.  And finally, I find there are more SILK scarves with a wider variety and cheaper prices than the silk market itself! 

Anyway, these are the items I got! I plan to wear these scarves in as many different styles I can think of.

1st Vendor
A multipurpose large square scarf: 60RMB

I spent about 15min haggling for the prices of these two scarves it was ridiculous, but well worth it :)
Triangle scarf: 55RMB
I plan to wear this scarf around the neck mostly or may be as a head wrap.

2nd Vendor
I also bought 5 smaller square scarves from another Vendor for 10RMB each. These scarves will mostly be worn as a head wrap, around the neck or as a blouse ;)

I sometimes use these scarves as a pillow case, love the silky feeling!

3rd Vendor
I bought two traditional handmade pouches to hold my cellphone and/or camera.
Price: 5RMB each

4th Vendor
I later headed to the top floor where pearls and other precious stones and jewelries are sold. The total price for the 11 pieces is 100RMB.

Jeweleries Galore!

 Now I can't wait for the weather to start warming up!


Coilybella said...

You know, my husband was telling me that I should get a couple of silk scarves and wrap them around the pillow for my daughter, since her bonnet comes off. I think it is such a great idea.

~Adeola~ said...

Yes, I think she would love the smooth and silky feeling. I'm surprised the advice is coming from your husband. It's nice to hear he cares about his daughter's hair as much as you do.

Natmane said...

Love your head wrap Curious Kinks!!
Those scarfs and earrings are beautiful!

~Adeola~ said...


Lishylikes said...

oo i like the first earring. Take picks when you were the scarf as a blouse or dress. ive always wanted to try that but i dont know how hehe tutorial?

~Adeola~ said...

yes, unfortunately, I never bought the complete accessory for such outfit. So I haven't even used any of those scarves yet, but please stay tuned :)