Friday, March 16, 2012

HOTW 1: Hair of the Week 1

This will be one of the many weekly posts I will be posting on how I wear my hair for the week.

I recently started styling my own hair back in January when I put myself on a 6 months DIY (do it yourself)  challenge. This means from January to June, I will be the only hairstylist for my hair. This will allow me to get to know my own hair on a personal level, put to practice, different black hair practices I read about and to give my hair a break from extensions. This will break a record I set for myself last summer when I wore my hair out for 4months straight, without visiting a salon!  See, I never knew what to do with my hair when it was relaxed, so I would always go "get my hair done" days after taking one style out.

Accidental asymmetric up-do.
I  hope to improve my hair styling skills and creativity by the end of the 6months challenge. Last Spring, I bought an Asian mannequin on my visit to Hong Kong for me to practice hair braiding. However, this mannequin ended up being useless as the hair is very slippery and silky, nothing like black hair at all, natural or relaxed! So I guess I will have to use my own head for practicing instead.

When are you going to do your hair? 
At the women's fellowship this week, a sister from Uganda asked me when I was going to do my hair. I got confused a bit because I thought my hair was already DONE. She then asked me when I was going to put extensions in or get Locs like another sister from Mozambique. I was completely thrown off by this question because I never thought getting a hair done meant putting extensions in the hair.

But then I thought, "Oh yea, only kids, village girls or religious extremist style their hair without using additional hair pieces"
Anyway, my response to this woman's question was that my hair was already done and I don't want to put extensions in my hair because they make my hair dry. 


Natmane said...

I like your hair style:) My mistakes also come out as a style and people think I planned it from the start.
Lol @ the Ugandan Lady...that's the annoying question we Naturals in Nigeria have answer to...

Coilybella said...

1.I love that "accidental assymetrical updo"!

2.I love how you handled that Ugandan lady,very classy..

3.Practice makes perfect..before you know it,you will be doing others' hair as well.