Thursday, March 08, 2012

Happy Women's Day

Google's Doodle on IWD (International Women's Day)
San Ba Jie Kuai le ( Happy March 8th) or Fu Nu Jie Kuai Le (Happy Women's Day) to all the women and girls out there So how important is Women's day in China?  Very important that it is a National Holiday, at least for women. Many employers will give the women staff half a day off to go enjoy being a woman. But if you happen to work in a female dominated profession such as teaching, you unfortunately can't get off work early. Instead, you can enjoy presents and a small cash which employers give to their female staff every year. At my school, the female teachers were given a box of Tiramisu cake and 100RMB (Chinese currency) on the day before. And today, we got milk tea and a bag of french fries for lunch. My favorite of all those gifts is of course the money!  I also noticed women around town with a bouquet of flowers which I assume they got from their workplace. 

Chinese Women in the Air Force
In a country with a disproportionate male:female ratio, I think IWD is an important step to inform the population about the importance of women in the society (so stop killing those baby girls!). It is also a day for all female to be proud of their accomplishments whether it be big or small. And lastly, a day for all men in the country to appreciate the presence of women in the society.  
Women Judges on March 8th
Although the actual meaning of the holiday has been overshadowed by commercialism where stores hold promotions on women's products. Infact today, a beauty consultant gave me her business card while I was waiting for my train at the subway station.  She told me to give her a call if I need makeup or any beauty product, as if she will have my match.  IWD is also a semi valentines day in China where men show their affection and appreciation to the women in their lives (that is their mother, wife, girlfriend, sister and daughter) by buying them little presents. 

Women giving a performance to celebrate san ba (march 8th)
As Beyonce would ask " Who run the world?.....GIRLS!" Ahhh, too bad the song was recently blacklisted in country :( Anyway, I hope all you girls out there enjoyed your day.


Molara Brown said...

Wow,national the women in the nation are appreciated. One of my colleagues was practically forced to wish us all happy women's day as he says he does not believe in it.

unfortunately we had to go to work here in Hyderabad, even though other cities got the day off for the Holi celebration.

~Adeola~ said...

I'm not surprised your colleague was forced to recognize the Day, since India is another country which doesn't value women, particularly female babies!