Friday, February 24, 2012

We're not from Brazil, but from Mozambique

or Spanish, Italian, French and any other colonial language.
While at a women's small group ministry on Tuesday evening, I overheard two women conversing in an unfamiliar language. So I asked them what the language was, which they replied, Portuguese. I ignorantly assumed they were from Brazil or Portugal, but was surprised when they told me they were not from neither country, but from Mozambique. They later gave me a quick history and geographic lesson about Africa.

Who gets which part and how much of each part?

I've always thought the main languages in Africa are Arabic, English and French, with the most prevalent language being English. But I just never thought some African countries speaks other European languages, especially languages like Italian or Portuguese.
Official languages as a result of colonialism

So, what is the importance of this post? 
Africa is a diverse continent indeed! One does not need to trek the globe to study Spanish in South America, Portuguese in Portugal, Arabic in The Middle East, or France to study french. Rather, money can be saved by simply spending time in select African countries!

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