Monday, December 31, 2012

What's in store for you in 2013 at ASIC?

Around this time of year, many across the world will sit down with their pens, note pads, laptops, iPads and what not to compile a list of the things they would like to accomplish in the following year. I usually don't write this, because I rarely achieve 40% of what I wrote at the beginning of the year. Also, like most, I forget about this list by the second week of January! What I like to write however are weekly and monthly goals, because I like to take on a task few at a time, making sure to give myself a reasonable time frame to complete them. Setting monthly goals also helps break seemingly large tasks into smaller chunks.  

However, for 2013, i'm trying something new and fresh. I've decided to write out a set of goals for myself, breaking them down into monthly goals. And at the end of each month, i'll check off the ones I accomplished for that month and reward myself financially based on how many tasks I cross off the list for that particular month.
                                               Me squished in the Train on my way to work

So what are some of my goals that are related to AfroSista in China (ASIC)?
Well, not a lot really. But you can look forward to these...

1) Get a NEW layout! I've been meaning to pretty up my blog for months now, but unfortunately i'm technically challenged, and so I've resorted to staying with this basic layout. However, my plan for January will be to have a really cool layout before the end of the month. And i'm going to do this all by myself!

2) Post at least once, preferably twice a week, meaning I should have at least 75 postings for 2013. Though I no longer live in China, I still have so much to blog about and i'll keep doing that until I run out stuff to talk about ;) And then may be the blog will get a new name like AfroSista in [Insert Country]

Morning Rush hour at Si Hui Subway station, a Terminal Station

3) Feature some of my favorite readers and bloggers

4) Have a more fun and interactive blog :)
I have lots of these!

5) Include basic Chinese in my post, with translations of course!

6) Oh, and one more thing, post more of my photos in China. Also in January, i'll have a slide show running on this blog and also open a fotki or some sort of  photo uploading/sharing website. Pictures do speak louder than words!

These guys were "privileged" to have me in their brief but unwanted photo shoot

What are some of your goals for 2013? And for you bloggers out there. what are some of the things we should look forward to on your blog for 2013?

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